Drop your bike at 5:31 and Labyrinth in 2019!

We did it! In 2018 we filled two shipping containers with 700 bicycles and sent them to Africa straight from Burning Man. Thank you, Black Rock City!

Every year hundreds of people abandon their bikes on the Playa when they leave Burning Man. This is a serious problem. Tons of resources have to be redirected to what is essentially a violation of the 10 Principles.

The abandoned bikes need to be collected, sorted, processed for lost and found, held for a reasonable period, transported off of the Playa, and finally donated or scrapped. This is a tremendous headache and cost for the community of Burning Man.

The good news is that almost all of these bikes still have a potentially useful life ahead of them. That's where Stars And Bikes comes in!

Bikes that are donated directly to the Stars And Bikes bike drop (scavenging abandoned bikes from the open Playa is not allowed) can go straight to people that need them.

So Donate Your Bike!

The Stars And Bikes BIKE DROP is stationed on the last ring road of Black Rock City. When you leave Burning Man, drive out to the edge of the city and follow that street until you get to 5:30.

You can leave your used up bicycles at our camp. We sort and load the bikes onto a trailer or into a shipping container. The trailer bikes will be refurbished and returned to Burning Man next year as rentals. This pays for the camp. The container bikes are towed to port and shipped straight to Africa.

In West Africa the cost of a car is out of reach for most people. Public transit is a hodgepodge of private vehicles that operate on their own schedule. In Banjul, The Gambia's capital, most people walk. But in a sprawling city of 1.5 million, it's not always affordable to live and work in the same neighborhood. On Gambia's developing infrastructure, bicycles dramatically increase the ability to gain access to a far flung job or the market where groceries can be purchased affordably.

In Banjul, bicycles change lives. At the bike shop in Serekunda Market, donated Burning Man bikes get people to work!

The bikes we ship to Gambia provide jobs to local mechanics. More employees are hired to sell the bikes in the Serekunda Market. This is not charity. The bike shop is a sustainable business. The bikes are freely given during Burning Man, but apart from paying wages at the bike shop, sales must also cover the shipping costs so we can repeat the process: collect more bikes, ship them to Africa, employ shop staff, and put more people on bikes in a community that desperately needs reliable transportation.

Just so you know, bicycles are changing lives. Facts from World Bicycle Relief:

- A bicycle turns a two hour walk into a 30 minute errand.

- Bicycles improve classroom attendance by 28%.

- Student performance improves by as much as 59% when a child has a bicycle.
World Bicycle Relief

Join the effort!

Donate a bicycle - Rent a bicycle

Stars And Bikes and Re-Cycle, Inc share no official affiliations with Burning Man, Black Rock City, LLC, or the US Military (but we do appreciate journalistc integrity).

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