We did it! Stars And Bikes shipped 1000 bikes to Africa from Burning Man.*

We set a goal, planned for success, and made it happen. We could not be more proud of this tremendous achievement. And we could not be more grateful to all of the people that made their way to our little camp to be a part of the effort. Thank you!

We were also able to redirect 50 bikes to the Burning Man Yellow Bike program for 2018 (more than they wanted considering the bike-pocalypse that followed Burning Man this year).

And we added more bikes to the rental fleet so that we can pay for next year's camp!

*1000 is an approximation. Our count got a little fuzzy after three days of breaking down bikes and cramming them into baking hot shipping containers, but 1000 is definitely a fair guess. The final total may have been even more!

Stars And Bikes and Re-Cycle, Inc share no official affiliations with Burning Man, Black Rock City, LLC, or the US Military (but we do appreciate journalistc integrity).

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